Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad PR......

The recent Fort Hood shooting is yet another example of the shitty PR Muslims are giving themselves. This week at Fort Hood, a Soldier who happened to be Muslim went berserk and shot a bunch of people. News sources are saying he may have been partially motivated by anti-Muslim abuse he received.

This is not the first time a Muslim said, "How dare you call me a terrorist...I will kill you in the name of Allah!" A few years ago a bunch of Muslims threatened to create another 9-11 because some Danish cartoonists portrayed Muhammed as a terrorist.
I am not trying to shit on all Muslims, I am just pointing out they have a bad public realtions department. However, Muslims are not the only group on this world with a bad PR department.

The group with the worst PR department are the Jews. In fact, the whole Arab-Israeli conflict does not revolve around some Jews squatting over a small patch of desert wasteland in the Middle East which has NO OIL under it, but rather, Arabs are pissed that the Jews referred them to the same publicist.
Jews have, among other things, cured Polio, developed the theory of relativity, created Seinfeld, and wrote "I am Dreaming of a White Christmas." Yet, every few decades for the past three millenia someone has come along and tried to kill them all off. Jews are the Exxon of ethnicities, horrible PR but look at the earnings.

Indians also have bad PR. Indians are always portrayed as dorks. True, Asians are often portrayed as Dorks, but you have cool Asians like Bruce Lee to offset that. There is no Bruce Lee of India.
There is probably no worse piece of PR for Indians than this link.
It's one thing for locker room talk to get out about things like the "Irish Curse," but it is another thing for a reputable news organization like the BBC to write your people have small dicks.

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