Monday, August 3, 2009

Back on the air...ask Bill Buckner about fucking up

Fucking up is bad, just ask Bill Buckner. Bill Buckner fucked up just one play in the 1986 World Series and now he is forever known as the guy the cost the Boston Red Sox the World Series.

Fucking children on the other hand, is less of an offense. Michael Jackson fucked children, and he was eulogized as the greatest entertainer alive, not some freak with a plastic nose that had a fettish for 12 year old boys going through chemo.

Another famous child fucker is Elvis. Elvis married his wife at the tender age of 14 years old. People think of Elvis as "the King."

Revered Child fuckers do not just exist in modern history. The prophet of Islam, Muhammed, had a nine year old wife. Muhammed is not regarded as a child fucker.

Plato, the Greek Philospopher, was probably the king of child fuckers. In his book, The Symposium, Plato extols the virtues of child fucking. Plato is regarded not a child fucker, but one of the founders of Western Philosophy.


You migh be thinking it is not fair to compare Bill Buckner, a mediocre ball player, to men who had monumental accomplishments like Elvis and Plato. After all, Bill Buckner never did anything to overshadow his botched play at the 1986 World Series.....

Which brings us to Gary Glitter. Gary Glitter made this song ( which you have all heard at sporting events. Gary Glitter was also arrested for molesting little boys in Vietnam. Getting arrested for sex crimes in Southeast Asia is like getting arrested for beating up a Jew in Iran, it is only thought possible in theory and you have to do something pretty fucking egregious in order for it to happen.


So, is Gary Glitter remembered for his exploits in Vietnam or making that "hey!" song that they always play at sporting events? Gary Glitter is the "hey!" song guy.


So what should we learn from all this?


Perhaps some people may say that costing the Boston Red Sox the world series is less of a sin than fucking a kid with leukemia. Or perhaps our society really does not value children and their innocence. All these "amber alerts" and other bull shit news stories are really just feigned outrage. It just gives me the creeps to think that people will forever be placing roses on Michael Jackson's grave while they will be pissing on Bill Buckner's grave.


  1. These poll results are bullshit! Whose the jackass that voted for Lisa Marie Presley?!

  2. This is by far, the most controversial post yet AND I am with ya on this.