Thursday, August 20, 2009

America Without Illegal Aliens

Illegal immigration is a hot topic. Some people say illegal immigrants are hurting America. Others say illegal immigrants are benefiting this country. If you want to find out what America would be like without illegal immigrants, you do not need to go to "Fantasy Island." Head up north to Alaska, like I recently did.
Alaska does not have many illegal aliens or Mexicans, as evidenced by the lack of low riders on the road.

You will also not find tacky depictions of the Virgen of Guadalupe on mud flaps...

Does this mean that Alaska is a pristine, Mexican-free utopia? I would put it to you that Alaska is Lou Dobbs' wet dream. While Lou Dobbs' may find it delightful, the rest of the world may find it sticky and gross.
For starters, everything in Alaska is expensive in part because there are no Mexicans to do the shit jobs. For example, Alaskan crab fisherman are overpaid white winy pussies. Mexicans could easily do their jobs for less than half the pay.
Many Alaskan towns and cities feel isolated because they are separated from other towns or highways by rivers or a few miles of wilderness. If they had Mexicans, they would not feel isolated. After all, Mexicans are great at crossing deserts and rivers.
My recent visit to Alaska has enabled me to observe and commune with nature. One thing I noticed is that there are millions of acres of forest, and streams that are choked with hundreds of salmon. Yet if you are lucky, you will get to see one or two bears. Why?
You see, each bear needs several acres of forrests and hundreds of fish to support it. The Alaskan ecosystem could not exist if there were millions of bears and only a few salmon.
In America, everybody wants to be the bear, or CEO. America has few, if any salmon. When a few salmon do come up the river we want to kick them out. Do some illegal aliens cause problems? Absolutely. Are some illegal aliens bad people? Absolutely. This does not mean however that we should kick them all out.
America, when it works right, is just like a forest. Each person fills its role in the economy, just like each animal fills its role within the ecosystem. We need Indians to write computer software, Asians to be engineers, Jews to handle the money, Rednecks to fix shit, Mexicans to clean everything up, and Blacks to.... well I don't know what Blacks do.....
Anyway, everybody has their role in America and we should appreciate them for that.

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