Friday, June 7, 2013

Game of Thrones - A Two Thumbs Up!

Game of thrones is a great show...intriguing plots, violence, sex, and one of the lead characters is a midget!
The midget in the show says it himself.  He is interested in "cripples, bastards, and broken thing."  A man after my own heart because as readers of this blog know, this blog pretty much concerns itself with cripples, bastards, broken things, and midgets.  In a recent episode, the king took away the midget's step stool during the midget's wedding so we could all be amused by watching him try and jump to reach his bride!

I am not the first nor the last person  to give GOT a favorable review.  I am, to the best of my knowledge, the first person to praise it for its skillful use of midgetry.  Let us hope next season brings us MORE CRIPPLES, MORE BASTARDS, MORE BROKEN THINGS, AND MORE MIDGETS!!!


I am sick of hearing how just because somebody is in the military they are "heroes."  I am also sick and tired of hearing how today's military is somehow solely responsible for whatever freedoms I have.

I get that this blog would be in German if it were not for guys like the dude above who fought in WWI and WWII.  However, what has the military done in the last half-century.  It pretty much lost 3 out of the 4 wars it fought.  Only one of the groups it fought against, the Talliban, had arguably anything to do with any attack on American soil.

Do not get me wrong, I feel bad for those dudes who got killed or crippled in Iraq or Afghanistan.  I feel really bad for those dudes that got killed or crippled in Vietnam because most of those dudes had zero choice in the matter.  But don't try and tell me I have my "freedom" because some dude lost his legs in Fallujah, Kabul, or Saigon.  What was the army actually accomplishing there in the first place other than pissing away billions of tax payer dollars?  The military are like the fucking unions, they insist on telling us how great our lives are because of something they did 100 years ago while they are nothing but a useless parasite TODAY.

Some jack ass that winds up in a wheelchair because he crashed his car after drinking a fifth of whiskey did just as much for securing my freedoms than any soldier in the post World War II era.  I am not saying this to put down the soldiers, because many of them might agree with me that many of these wars were complete bull shit.  Just because bad shit happens to you, it does not mean you are a good person or accomplished something.  

Some soldiers were able to accept the fact they were put into harm's way for no good reason, which is a difficult fact to accept.  It basically means accepting the fact that at least some people (namely the powerful people in government and the upper echelons of the military) do not give a damn about you.  Some soldiers accept this knowing the existential flaw is not with the soldier, but with those who do not give a damn about the soldier.  Other soldiers cannot accept the fact nobody gives a damn about them, and so they buy into the lie they are getting killed for some greater cause like "freedom."

The fact of the matter is the world is full of people who can and will fuck us over at any opportunity they get. In many respects, these people are worse than child molesters because at least child molesters will let you play with their trains before they fuck you.

If the soldiers really want to start fighting for "my freedom" they should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and start fighting the people right here in the USA that are fucking people over and getting away with it.  Big banks, cell phone companies, lobbyists, HMO's, unions, meter maids, and all sorts of other worthless douche bags are fucking us up the ass and not giving us the courtesy of a reach around.  I never got a bull shit $300 bill from an Afghani goat herder, but I have got one from people within the US.

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