Monday, March 30, 2009

Dogshit Jam & bisexuality, Ethnic Stereotypes

I. Dogshit Jam and Bisexuality (A moment of enlightenment or this is way too much information)

Have you ever wondered why so many women seem to have bisexual tendencies, while guys do not? (Or at least claim they do not.) Women have no problem dancing with eachother, holding hands, and even admitting to have experimented with lesbian sex. Guys on the other hand do not seem to go this way. This can all be explained by dogshit jam.

Imagine you like strawberry jam on your toast. One day you have the opportunity to try raspberry jam. Although you really enjoy strawberry jam, you might be willing to give raspberry jam a try. You may find after trying raspberry jam, that you still prefer strawberry jam. You may find you prefer raspberry jam to strawberry jam, or that you like raspberry jam enough to mix it into your jam rotation. Nevertheless, you will try strawberry jam.

On the other hand, you will not be willing to even try jam made out of dogshit. Even if there are people out there that say dogshit jam is wonderful, you will not give it a taste. If you even did give something like it a try, you would never admit it or even let people think you tried it.

Similarly, bisexuality to females, for one reason, is like raspberry jam. Bisexuality to males, for one reason, is like dog shit jam.

II. Stereotypes- are they always consistent and always negative

Stereotypes are interesting in that they can always diverge. Take sterotypes about Black People. Barack Obama and Flavor Flav are very different in many respects, yet they both embody the stereotype America has of a Black person. Obama embodies the positive stereotypes of a Black person- charismatic, sharp, eloquent, and cool. Flavor Flav seems to embody many of the negative stereotypes-- he has a criminal record, has several children with several different mothers, and speaks broken English.

Barack Obama and Flavor Flav- 2 stereotypical Black People

Black people are not the only people with divergent stereotypes. Take Russian Women. Our portrayals of Russian Women are smoking hot pieces of ass like Anna Kournikova, or squat ladies with double chins and baboushkas. (Let us ignore those who live 100 miles downwind from Chernobyl who look like lobster boy.)

Anna Kournikova and some old lady with a babushka waiting for toilet paper- two stereotypical Russian Women

Or let us take lesbians, we can think of them burly women with hairy armpits or two hot porno starlets who lick raspberry jam of eachother. (I know, the women in porno are not real lesbians, but a guy like me can pretend they... can he?)

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