Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do I have a midget fetish?

Do I have a midget fetish?
Someone I know who read this piece of shit blog asked me if I had a midget fetish? My first gut response was to answer "Of course not!"
But when I think about it...maybe I do. I do not find midgets sexually attractive, but then again it would be interesting to watch one fuck.
Just imagine a two foot tall woman fucking a seven footer. (A seven foot man to be more exact.) If they wanted to do it doggy style, the seven footer would have to do the splits. If she tried to ride him, her stumpy little feet would not be able to touch the ground. If the seven foot guy was doing his job right, he would make her little sausage-like toes curl and make her scream like a kid at a birthday party who inhaled a balloon fool of helium.

Swine Flu....Who gives a fuck

I am sick of hearing of the swine flu. It is the most overhyped news stories in histories. Less than a hundred people worldwide have died of swine flu. About 40 people died in Mexico, but what is under reported is that they all had the same mother.

Meanwhile, thousands of people die in Africa everyday and nobody gives a shit.

Of greatest concern to Americans is not the swine flu, but buffalo ass. Millions of perfectly serviceable vaginas are ruined in America each year because they are attached to a buffalo ass. The only known treatments are (1) diet and exercise and (2) copious amounts of beer.

Give wirldzlamest some love

I am going to switch gears a bit. Right now I am going to act like a 3oo pound, 42 year old woman with 3 kids and a case of herpes on craigslist...I am going to ask people on the internet for a little love.

Please let me know I have an audience and hit me back. Let me know what you like and what you hate, so I can make this blog a little less lame. I am really interested to see if anybody is out there.

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