Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The LA Clippers and quadreplegics

I. The LA Clippers-- America's biggest Losers?
People often talk about how the US has grown soft. They we value good intentions and trying hard over actual success and accomplishment. There is one organization in the United States government that promotes these ideals. It demands we reward it, even though it has acccomplished little. That organization is..........
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The United States Military
That's right folks, the US military is contributing to the softening of America. The US military has had a 25% success rate in the last 50 years. (It lost in Vietnam, Iraq, and it looks like they will lose to the Taliban. They were only successful in the first gulf war.) Yet these fuckers want us to pat them on the back, give them tons of money, and somehow be "grateful" that they are fighting to "preserve" the American way of life. We are also supposed to treat them as if they are the absolute best at what they do.

Imagine if the LA Clippers carried on like the US military. The Clippers have had a similar success rate than that of the military. (They have won about 20/82 games a year for as long as anybody can remember.) Just like the military they can point to past "victories" in times long ago. (The Buffalo Braves, the predecessor the the Clippers won the NBA championship in the 1970's just as the US military had some big victories in the past like WWII.) Yet, you do not see the Clippers carrying on like the US military.

The Clippers do not ask for parades. The Clippers are not asking the people of Los Angeles thousands of dollars a year so they can sign free agents. Nobody is going to accuse me of being a bad Los Angelino if I criticize the Clippers or do not fully support them.

If any group of people deserve our love, its the American Scientist. Americans have one over 35% of the Nobel Prizes awarded. In the last 50 years, American Scientists have done more to advance your way of life than the military. (Okay, I know the military funds a lot of science, but you do not need the military to fund science.) Those things you have come to rely on like your computer, the internet, the medicine you take, and your car were developed by scientists, not flag waving meat heads.

II. Whores- why are they bad?

Being a whore is a state of being, like quadraplegia.

Just like quadraplegia, being a whore is a rough life. You would not want those you love to become whores or quadraplegics, and you certainly would not want them to be quadraplegic whores.
Yet why do we think of whores as bad people? We do not think of quadraplegics as bad people. We think of quadraplegics as good people who have had some bad shit happen to them. How come we do not think of whores the same way? I put it to you not all quadraplegics are saints and whores are not so bad.
First, I would imagine a lot of quadraplegics are assholes. Some of them wound up the way they are because they were acting like idiots. Others may be extremely bitter people. To be honest, I hardly know any quads. It's not like I am going to meet them at the gym or something.
Second, whores are not necessarily that bad. I can think of several professions out there that are doing more harm to this world than whores. Whores do not necessarily lie, cheat, and steal the way lawyers do. More people suffer from heart attacks than STD's they get from whores, yet we do not treat fast food workers with the same contempt we treat whores. While whoring may not be the most learned profession, its not as if soldiers are any brighter.


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    No, but seriously, that's my favorite post from you so far.

  2. geez, you are so sick, yet funny. i find myself literally laughing out loud.

  3. Fuck you and your ignorant statement. If you dont like the U.S and its forces, go to a different country you idiot! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.