Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Use the best labels

When you go to a bar and you want a Coors Light, you say to the bartender “I want a Coors Light” You do not say, “I want a beverage that is alcoholic, yet not a distilled spirit. It cannot be a wine. It should be made from grain and hops. It should come from a major American Brewer, but not from Anheiser Busch or Miller. Finally, it should be a low calorie beer.”

Why am I bringing this up? Well recently I was reminded of a classmate that passed away. I did not wish to speak ill of her, but she was fat. I am not talking Jessica Simpson fat, I am not talking about “I’d fuck her after a six pack” chubby, I am not even talking about “dyes her hair blonde so Black guys will fuck her” fat. She was “needs to buy two seats to ride Southwest” fat.
Anyway, shortly after she died, I heard two fellow students talking about her.

Student 1: Did you hear Helen (not real name) died?
Student 2: Really? Who was Helen?
Student 1: She was the blonde girl?
Student 2: Which Blonde girl?
Student 1: You know the one with nice eyes?
Student 2: Nice eyes and what else?
Student 1: She had a nice smile?
Student 2: And what else?
Student 1: You know the girl with a nice personality?
Student 2: Yes…
Student 1: About a month ago she was at that party everyone else was at
Student 2: and..
Student 1: Her uncle was friends with that guy in that commercial
[30 minutes later]
Student 1: Her mother’s dog had a hip operation 3 years ago.
Student 2: I still do not know who you are talking about
Student 1: Come on, you gotta know Helen, the girl who had a pink back pack in second grade, but then got a purple back pack for third grade…

This whole conversation could have been cut short if Student 1 said Helen was the fat girl. Of course it is politically incorrect, yet efficient and true to say Helen was the fat girl.
We are just not afraid to call people fat, even when it is undeniably true. Let us look at another hypothetical conversation.

Person 1: Did you hear John died?
Person 2: How is John?
Person 1: He is that guy with average height and average build.
Person 2: And?
Person 1: He has short dark hair, that is… kind of curly
Person 2: And?
Person 1: He often wears nice shirts…
Of course this conversation can be shortened if people used the proper labels. See the following.
Person 1: Did you hear John died?
Person 2: Who is John?
Person 1: The Black guy.
Person 2: The guy who was fucked the fat chick at Mike’s party last week?
Person 1: That’s the one.

So be clear, concise, and to the point. Use the proper labels.

An ass only a brother could love?

Nancy Pelosi is a lying sack of shit

As I have stated previously in other posts, I voted for Obama, I wish him well, and hope he does a good job. Nevertheless, he not only a man, but he and his chronies are politicians.
What does this mean? Obama and his buddies cannot walk on water, just like ordinary people. They are also capable of lying through their teeth and doing other sleezy shit in ways ordinary people cannot fathom.

Which takes us back to Nancy Pelosi. She knew waterboarding was going down. She did nothing to stop it. Like most Democrats from the George Bush era, she hedged her bets on Bush’s “War on Terror.” She grumbled just enough on the record so she could attempt to claim she fought George Bush all along. Yet, she voted in favor of George W. Bush’s Iraq war and allowed George W. Bush to do anything he wanted so she could be on record as supporting George W. Bush in the event George W. Bush's war on terro was a success.
George W. Bush's worst legacy is lowering the standard by which we judge politicians. Democrats love to complain about Bush's ineptitude, yet they also want to be judged by the George W. Bush Standard.
You cannot say, "Pick us, the other guys are retards." Then, when we pick you, you expect us to give you Special Olympics medals just because you ran the 100 meters without pulling your pants down and wacking off in the middle of the stadium.
We expect better of you. We want you to win the real Olympics, not just give yourself medals for trying hard in the Special Olympics. Part of winning the real Olympics in Politics is standing up for what is right the first time around.
That is why I give Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats like her a big thumbs down.

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