Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Am I Vincent Van Gogh or just a bumb...rantings of an unemployed loser

Sometimes I think I might be like Vincent Van Gogh. A genious who goes unappreciated in his time and will die a pauper, only for the rest of the world to finally get him after his death. Of course, I would not cut my ear off for some chick, but then again my friends say I let my wife cut my balls off.
Then again, I just might be another unemployed bumb like the rest of them. I will die a bumb and I will leave this earth without leaving any legacy whatsoever.

For my fellow losers out there, you know it is tough to get a job. Sometimes I feel Employers look at me like damaged goods. Afterall, if I were any good some firm would have picked me up by now or at least given me a chance. It's like I am a used up whore...except a used up whore was given a chance to be used by somebody and comes out with a little money after the exchange.
Last week I posted the above link. It looks like VH1 was planning on doing a reality show like Survivor, except it would have a bunch of midgets on it. Apparently VH1 would rather do a third season of some spin off of a Flavor of Love spin off than put together a really great reality show people might actually not get sick of.
So please, write VH1 and tell them you want to see this show happen. If they do make it, tune in and support their sponsors. I don't care if their sponsor is Hitler and he's selling gonorrhea, you buy that shit, rub it on your cock, let it burn, and get a penicillin shot.

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