Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hate to say this...but cripples sometimes piss me off

Sometimes cripples and retards do things that can impress a cold heartless bastard like me. For example, some amputees run and jump on stumps in ways that most people with two good legs cannot.
Check out this Stevie Wonder video.


Most people need to hunt and peck on a qwerty keyboard, and this guy can play the piano and drums without sight.

However, the differently abled (is that what we are supposed to call cripples these days) can piss me off. Here, we have a picture of a perfectly fine parking spot that has to be left open just in case some guy in a wheel chair needs to come by. What you do not see is the dozen or so other parking spots that are all occupied and the dozen or so cars circling the parking lot.
Cripples also try and take credit for things that are not really spectacular.
Check out this story about a quadraplegic who is trying to take credit for being the first quad to sail around the world.
If you read the story, you will find the quad had a crew of people doing all the work. She was not sailing, she was cargo. The life preservers on the QE2 have sailed around the world several times, and we do not read any stories about them...and life preservers are potentially useful on a boat and won't sink if they hit the water.
I say if this woman wants to take credit for sailing around the world, she should give up her rights to a disabled parking spot. Afterall, if she is capable of sailing around the world, she should be capable of circling the lot just like the rest of us.

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  1. 100% AGREE!!! And if they are really in a wheel chair its not that hard for them to roll from the back of the parking lot to the store. Just like at disneyland..why do wheelchairs get to cut...they dont have to stand in line for hours..they are sitting the whole time..let them sit for hours and let us who have to stand cut! Thank You!