Tuesday, October 13, 2009

, People who buy organic are heartless bastards, and fuck DMV workers

I start this week's post by talking about veggie burgers. Veggie burgers at their very best are so-so. A fabulous vegie burger is one that halfway resembles a real hamburger and is maybe half as good a decent hamburger.
Which brings me to this link. Once again, cripples and retards are trying to claim they can do anything normal people can do while insisting on getting choice parking spots and extra time to take exams. In this story, some kid was literally born with half a brain, yet claims to be normal.
This kid is a veggie burger folks. Only remarkable because she can pretend to be as good as the real deal. She should either admit she is a retard, and take her special parking spot, or deny she is a retard and get treated just like everyone else.
People that buy organic claim to be sympathetic and caring people, but the fact of the matter is they are callous bastards. Like George W. Bush, they do not give a shit about Black people.

Millions of people, mostly in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America are already literally starving. According to this link, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8303434.stm, the shit is going to hit the fan unless worldwide food production dramatically increases in the coming years.
One tried and proven method of increasing agricultural yields is to use pesticides. People who buy organic would much rather have bugs eat a signficant percentage of the world's crops than people. This is why people who buy organic food are heartless bastards, they would much rather feed bugs than Black people.
I know you are thinking, wait up up a minute! People buy organic so they can be healthy and live long lives. The fact of the matter is a long life is overrated. That is what makes people who buy organic even more selfish. They would much rather have a bunch of Black kids starve to death just so they could live to 90, collect social security, and have their grandchildren wipe the drool of their face and change their diapers.
This last story should warm your hearts. It seems some DMV workers wanted to go out on strike because on Columbus day, they will not get paid to scratch their balls all day at home. Last time I checked, nobody in the private sector gets Columbus day off unless they work for an Italian.
DMV workers might try and claim that they deserve all their perks, like paid Columbus day, because they get paid less than employees with comparable skills in the private sector. The fact of the matter is retards with GED's might get a job that pays $9 an hour at McDonalds these days. These people might get an hour lunch break if they are lucky and will have to work weekends and holidays.
So quit your bitching DMV workers. There are people in India who are dying to do my job for a fraction of my wage and will be glad to work on Columbus day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or that holiday in India where they celebrate the birth of the 8 armed elephant. Just be happy you have not been outsourced....yet.

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