Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stuff you are supposed to like, stuff you really like

Even though I am a man of refined taste, I am in some respects a rube. I know I am supposed to like Dim Sum and hot pots, yet I really like kung pao chicken from Pick Up Sticks. Here is a list of unrefined guilty pleasures you might really like, as well as things you are supposed to like like. As for myself, I cannot confirm nor deny that I like some of these base pleasures.

You might really like Big Macs.

You are supposed to like Double-Double's, animal style.

You should like Sierra Nevada.

You might really like Budweiser

You are supposed to like Ballet.

You may really like Pole dancing.


You are supposed to like the articles in The Economist.

You really like the pictures in Hustler.


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